Route 2: Subject By Subject

Six subject-organised sections that explore many aspects of the King James Bible


Five Biblical stories told in interactive ‘shoebox’ style with a saying from the King James Bible embedded in each one. There are follow-up activities that explore the meaning, significance and application of the stories.

Stories covered

The Lost sheep, The Good Samaritan, Baby Moses, David and Goliath, Jonah.


Exploring stories, poems and sayings from the Bible and poems influenced by the Bible.

Texts used

The story of Ruth, Psalm 23, Ecclesiastes 3.1-8, popular sayings from the Bible, Zacchaeus, extracts from two poems by George Herbert.


  • Key Tudor figures (William Tyndale)
  • Important events (the publication of the King James Bible)
  • Children in Victorian times and now, how the Bible was involved in some changes to children’s lives
  • The Bible and social change in the Victorian era.


  • William Blake’s Naomi entreating Ruth to return to Moab
  • Holman Hunt’s Finding the Saviour in the Temple
  • Other paintings to compare with these key images.

Bible material

The story of Ruth and Jesus lost in Jerusalem aged 12


  • Music inspired by the Bible in various styles: classical, folk, pop, hymn and song. Example: The Messiah and By the Rivers of Babylon by Boney M
  • How music can express meaning
  • Follow up activities on expression, composing, singing and signing to music.


Team work and sharing skills.