A series of five assemblies to reflect and celebrate the work covered on this website, focussing on the work of the original translators of the King James Bible, and the effect the production of the Bible in English has had, and continues to have, on English-speaking Christians.


  • A well without a bucket - why the Bible needed to be translated into English and the importance of the Bible for Christians.
  • Translating - the Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew. The first translators needed perseverance in their work.
  • Building blocks - translating the Bible was the work of many people over a long period of time. They used the work of previous translators to help them.
  • Teamwork - creating the King James Bible was a team effort and needed the right people in the team who could work together.
  • Celebrating - celebrate the efforts of those who worked on the King James Bible and the impact it has on us 400 years later.
  • Alphabets and languages - to accompany assembly 2: Translating, looking at the original languages of the Bible.
  • A gallery manuscript - to accompany assembly 3: Building blocks, looking at some of the manuscripts that came before the King James Bible.